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Yellow Jacket IPhone 4, Stun Gun Case, Black

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  • WHY YELLOW JACKET: Many people do not feel comfortable carrying around a deadly force weapon so Yellow Jacket® arms oneself with a non or less-lethal form of defense. Most Americans carry a cell phone with them daily making our stun gun smartphone case the perfect solution to protect yourself since it goes around your phone, making it easily accessible and practical. It’s not a stun gun designed to look like a phone, it is a state-of-the-art phone case that protects you and your phone.
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE: The Yellow Jacket® Stun Gun Smartphone Case is completely safe and easy to use. The safety feature includes a dual push trigger system in order to avoid any accidental discharge, while the ambidextrous trigger makes it comfortable to activate. Our LED indicator located on the back let’s you know how much charge is left in the battery
The Yellow Jacket® is the world’s only stun gun smartphone case. Our patented 3-in-1 smartphone case’s goal is to protect you, your phone and increase your phone’s battery life.





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